The Soapbox Children's Theatre

Just inside Devonport Park,

at the corner of

Milne Place and Exmouth Road



Tel: 07754 177678


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Every penny you donate is put into creating theatre and arts projects for children and their families and towards the development of Stiltskin's Soapbox Theatre. Thank you for your donation.


Help us with the Big Push!

Exciting times are afoot in the next act of our tiny theatre! Picture the flushing toilets and an accessible entrance...


The building work is getting closer and we are closing down this summer to begin the first scene in this epic adventure. 


We still need your help to make it happen on a grand scale. The cost of building the toilets is far greater than we expected, which leaves our front entrance short by £20,000. This will include a ramp that is sympathetic to the park, and double doors to the front entrance for disabled and pushchair access. 

Please help move mountains and scale ravines by donating whatever you can towards the Big Push.


Buy a Plymouth Limestone block for just £10 towards the steps, or sponsor a plant for £20, you could even buy a bag of soil for £15 towards the landscaped ramp.

Please note: We will keep a record of everyone who has supported us and will shout out on all of our social media pages, in the theatre and your names will be inscribed in the special Big Push Journal as well.

Thank you for your continued support.